Steel Scrap


Ferrous alloys contain iron. And steel is one of these alloys, with another basic component being carbon.

The properties of the metal are determined by what other alloying elements are included. The main characteristics of all steels is their strength and ductility. Due to these attributes, they are typically applied in building and automobile industries, construction of roads, railways and other structures, and in the manufacturing of tools and various household items.

Steel is a relatively cheap ferrous alloy to produce and that is commonly recycled.

304-and-316-stainless-steel304 and 316 Stainless Steel$00.20-$00.60/lb

If you have bulk steel products for scrapping, get in touch with Greener Recycling scrap yard and get a good price for it. You can also arrange a pick-up. Keep in mind that we do not accept heavy machinery, marine engines, trains or cars. It might be a good idea to contact our office first to get the necessary information about the current costs, conditions and requirements.


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