#1 Copper Tubing (Pipe) / Bus Bar


Copper is the most commonly used material in plumbing and piping, as well as in electric and building industries as concerns wires, roofclads, house ornaments, rain gutters, sewage systems, and so on. Copper is corrosion resistant and is a waterproof metal that has a very high thermal and electrical conductivity. That is why most of copper scrap comes from construction sites, after dismantling piping systems, drainage and tubes, or electric wiring.

When sorting out your copper tubing scrap for recycling, keep in mind that there are two types of this scrap, typically referred to as #1 and #2. They differ both in their quality and in their scrapping value. Let’s have a closer look.

Latest price of #1 Copper Tubing / Bus Bar is $3.40-$3.70 per pound

#1 Copper Pipes are of a higher grade as they do not have any corroded, burned or dirty (for example, paint spots) parts. The copper must be pure, meaning the metal cannot contain any soldering or any other impurities. Copper tubing #1 is higher priced when sold for scrap and can be found in roof or building decoration breakages, after electric system remodeling in the form of bus bars (copper plates used in electrical switch or distribution boards that are the main component of power grids). If you are preparing basbars to scrap, make sure they are stripped of any protective coating, plastic or metal they might have.

Contact the Greener Recycling scrap yard located near you and find out the current copper pipe scrap price (for both #1 and #2 copper pipe) and get assistance with your scrap recycling.


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