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A Few Facts About Copper

19 jun 2016

Do you sell copper scrap and still don't that copper is the 3rd element in modern industrial use and 80% of copper ever mined is still in use? Find out more informative data...

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Funny Metal Gallium

18 jun 2016

Did you that you can actually buy some metal and melt it in your hand? This metal call Gallium melts in warm hand and being fun to play with. You can buy 20 grams of this stuff.

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Proper way to recycle your brass

15 may 2016

There are many types of brass out there, recycling it might be tricky, if you are trying to get the most money for it. Of course there is clean brass, that pretty much is split in to two most common types in recycling...

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Best way to recycle copper pipe

2 may 2016

There are two most common types of copper pipe, #1 copper pipe and #2 copper pipe.

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