Brass Water Meters


Water meters are used in most households and businesses. Quite often these meters are being replaced with newer or more efficient models, so water meter recycling is commonplace.

Most scrap yards accept these meters because they are usually made of brass. So, think twice before getting rid of your old meter – instead of just throwing it away, take it to a scrap trader and get some cash.

Latest price of Water Meters is $1.60-$2.60 per pound

The price of a brass water meter will depend on the metal quality. Clean brass will bring you more money, so make sure you are selling water meters that do not have any contaminants, such as plastic coating, oil, paint, or other metals. Also, you will need to separate red brass from yellow brass, as they are priced differently.

Most water meters are purchased at good rates, as they are regarded as clean brass. However, they are hard to break down or dismantle, so it might be a good idea to contact your local Greener Recycling scrap yard to arrange pick up and get the information on current brass scrapping prices.


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