Greener Recycling - Your Scrap Metal Buyer


Our staff has years of non-ferrous scrap experience. We provide services to industrial, commercial and retail accounts.


Our company is licensed mobile scrap collections company. Services that we provide are custom fit for electrical contractors, plumbers, machine shops, printers, glass shops and other businesses with non-ferrous scrap.


Our trucks are equipped with 4 by 4 NTEP certified scale that has a limit of 5000 lb.


Our mission has always been to provide our customers with the best service and the right pricing in order to generate long-term relationships.

Our company had been buying scrap metal since 2009. Since then we had recycled tonnes of variouse metals, but copper scrap and it's alloys (brass and bronze) have always been our specialization. Among the scrap yards of Los Angeles we provide the best scrap prices of these kind of metals.

Due to the fact that not everyone who has his/her own transport, we have got a pick-up scrap service to take your scrap right from the place one has it.

Our clients are either teams dismantling premises and buildings or any private persons which have some bulk metal scrap.