304 and 316 Stainless Steel


As the name suggests, stainless steel does not rust or corrode. It is absolutely waterproof and can be resistant to acids. These properties make it useful in medicine, food and cooking industries, machinery production and architecture.

What components make this ferrous alloy stainless? The most important one is chromium (sometimes called chrome). It gives steel not only its shiny, silver color, but also makes it corrosion-resistant. Some other elements added can be nickel, molybdenum, carbon, etc.

Latest price of 304 and 316 Stainless Steel is $00.20-$00.60 per pound

For recycling purposes, Greener Recycling scrap yard buys steel of grades 304 and 316. They can be found in household appliances, car and boat parts, cooking equipment as well as in tubes, various bars and rails, sheets and plates.

304 steel is comprised of iron, chromium and nickel, while 316 is alloyed with molybdenum instead of nickel and is more expensive.
It poses a significant difficulty for sellers to define the type of the alloy they have. In scrap traders’ yards, stainless steel is typically confused with aluminum. Metal analyzers are of great help in this, as well as an expert from a scrap yard.

At Greener Recycling we accept stainless steel, grades 304 and 316. All of your scrap must be clean, free of other metal impurities, and must not have any plastic. Contact our office and get the current prices for steel scrap. We can also pick it up from your work or construction sites with our trucks.


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