Scrap Metal Recycling & Removal


Greener Recycling company offers scrap pick-up services of various kinds of metals for cash. We accept copper, aluminum, brass, bronze, steel as well as wires, radiators, transformers, sealed units and much more. Call us now at 866-567-2727to book your appointment or request your estimate online.

Scrap removal at your door: our team will provide fast and efficient pick-up and purchase

We bring a recycling yard right to your door with our modern, state-of-the-art vehicles using our Ford F-550’s twelve-foot stake bed trucks that allow us to haul a significant amount of metal scrap. We make sure that when you book a removal, you also receive complete office support as our trucks are fully equipped with certified scales, metal analyzers, printers and laptops. We are able to weigh your metal scrap, check current prices and print out your invoice right on the spot.

Commercial Removal

If you work in a construction or dismantling business, and need metal and other scraps picked up from your premises, please contact us.

Residential Removal

Do you personally have any bulk amount of copper, brass, bronze or other type of non-ferrous metals? Call us or fill out the form to get your cash immediately. Be aware that this service is for large removals and recycling use only*.

Simple Removal

We offer friendly assistance and professional support in determining the kind of metal scrap you are dealing with, and specialized and certified equipment.


"Great service and prices. Called to find out about their scrap metal pick up service, ended up scheduling for next day, they showed up right on time, loaded all my copper, put it on the scale, showed me the read out and got me paid. All in no more then 15 minutes..."

, Client
Customer Rating: 10/10


Do you have some bulk amount of metal scrap? We'll pick it up for cash!
cash and scrap

We will be more than happy to discuss your material with you and quote the price over the phone. The quote varies based on the quantity and condition of your scrap material.

**We guarantee 100% privacy. Your information will not be shared.