Dirty Aluminum Extrusion


Apart from being widely used in construction business and in automobile, electricity and electronics industries, extruded aluminum increases sustainability and decreases emissions, keeps the production expenses lower, and provides durability and a large number of design and shape varieties of end products.

Recycling extruded aluminum is simple and cost-effective. In fact, this metal scrap can be reprocessed almost endlessly and keep its properties at the same time.

Latest price of Dirty Extruded Aluminum is $00.10-$00.15 per pound

Greener Recycling metal yards can offer good aluminum scrap prices. Be careful to distinguish between clean and painted extruded scrap, as the prices will depend on the type.

For painted extruded aluminum, all types of impurities, such as metallic soldering, plastic or rubber parts, and dirt or paint, are acceptable. Be aware, though, that this influences the total value you are getting for your scrap.


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