Bright and Shiny Copper Wire


What is bare bright copper wire?

Bright copper wire is the type of cable that consists of bare uncoated copper wire.

Where is this wire found?

It is widely used in various industries, such as in electrical and plumbing businesses. Usually it is found inside of thick electric cables in a variety of electronic devices. It is also abundant in certain machinery parts, such as in motors or transformers, and at dismantled metal constructions and buildings.

Latest price of Bare Bright Copper Wire is $3.50-$3.80 per pound

What is the product quality?

Most scrap yards have a number of requirements for this kind of metal cable in order to accept it for recycling. The price of scrap will depend greatly on its quality.

This material must:

  • be pure and free from any and all kinds of impurities;
  • have a bright and shiny red color (the greenish parts are not acceptable and neither are tin-coated wiring;
  • be stripped of its insulation;
  • be free of any burnt or corroded areas;
  • be separated from any other kinds of copper wire.

If you adhere to these requirements when selecting and storing stripped bare bright wire, scrap yards will likely offer the highest price for your Cu scrap and its class will not be downgraded. The purity and surface quality of copper wire is important in the recycling process since it ensures that conductivity and high voltage are withstanding.

Why is it recycled?

Copper is an essential metal in the production of many electronic devices and electric machinery that we use on an everyday basis. Wire recycling has obvious environmental benefits because Cu products are long-lasting and durable.
Bringing a large amount of copper scrap from construction or dismantling jobs to sell to a scrap yard will be financially advantageous. Scrap yards in their turn collect the wire and then forward it to other scrap recycling facilities for melting, casting, and future reuse for manufacturing products containing copper.

Where can stripped bare bright copper be sold?

Greener Recycling scrap yards provide the services that help you dispose of copper scrap. While the price of bare bright copper wire is constantly changing, Greener Recycling strives to give its customers the most competitive payments. Please feel free to contact us via email or telephone for any inquiries about up-to-date payments or the services Greener Recycling offers.


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