Red Brass


Red brass is an alloy comprised of copper (it should be about 80%),zinc, and a little tin and lead. Since it contains a lot of copper, the metal has reddish color, with occasional grey-black spots.

Red brass uses are numerous; although, they are less common in comparison with yellow brass. Sprinkler heads, faucet valves, water pumps, plumbing tools, flexible water tubes, meters and fittings, cases, jewelry, and so on are often made of red brass.

Its alloy scraps are in great demand, as they are recycled and then used in the remodeling of plumbing systems. These alloys are purchased at higher rates than yellow ones due to the greater amount of copper.

Latest price of Red Brass is $2.50-$2.80 per pound

Go to your local Greener Recycling scrap yard to get the recent red brass scrapping prices. You might also need some professional assistance in distinguishing between red brass and other red metal alloys.


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