Scrap Starters / Alternators


Many metal scrap yards accept all kinds of spare car parts. The pricing for alternators and starters can be high, as they are a great source of scrap copper. These items are essential and inseparable part of cars and other types of vehicles, such as trucks, motorboats, etc., and they are often replaced with new ones. As a result, a lot of metal scrap is created that must be recycled. We buy as alternators themselves as their coppers cores.

Scrap yards offer nice deals for alternators or starters, as they contain a copper core, which is a cable made of wound copper wire. Apart from that, they have more kinds of scrap metals, such as steel cases. Alternators and starters are oftentimes bought at higher costs than electric motors due to the greater amount of copper obtained from them.

Latest price of Starters - alternators is $00.15-00.20 per pound

Send a request to your local Greener Recycling scrap yard and get the recent information on scrapping prices of alternators and starters. We are working to make it sure that you receive the best and most updated rates!


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