Ammo: Brass Shells


Since brass properties include a high level of malleability, strength and durability, its alloys are typically used in ammunition, mainly in castings or shotshell cases and cartridges. Spent shells are usually called rifle brass and are recycled.

If you have a gun range in the neighborhood or if there is a hunting area around you, collecting brass cases for recycling is a good idea both for the environment and for your pocket.

Latest price of Brass Shells is $2.20-$2.70 per pound

When scrapping rifle brass cautious safety measures must be followed. Make sure you have checked each and every shell as recycling live ammunition poses serious danger to people’s life and health.

Another point to pay attention to when preparing scrap cases is their metal composition. Brass ones must be separated from their iron and aluminum shells. Also, it is recommended to rid them of any dirt, such as soil or grass, as it will definitely degrade their quality and therefore their financial value.

Find out the latest rates on rifle brass at your local Greener Recycling scrap yard, and find out the amount of shells you can bring.


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