Extruded Clean Aluminum


Aluminum is processed in various ways, and one of them is called extrusion. Basically, extrusion is the technique of turning its alloys into profiles of certain cross-sectional configurations.
These profiles have a wide range of applications. Since the metal itself is highly malleable and at the same time strong, durable and lightweight, extruded aluminum is used in vehicles and aircrafts, in air conditioning and cooling systems, and for producing tubes and panels.

Greener Recycling scrap yard purchases extruded aluminum. Before ordering a pickup or bringing your scrap to a local scrap trader, make sure you have asked about the recent values.

Latest price of Clean Extruded Aluminum is $00.50-$00.70 per pound

Clean extruded aluminum will give you a better scrap price. It means that your scrap is generally clean, free of any parts made of other metals (such as iron or zinc),plastic, paint, glass or burnt parts.


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