Yellow Brass Scrap


Brass alloys are roughly divided into two big groups: red and yellow. The way to differentiate between them is by the proportions of copper and zinc that mixed. Yellow brass has a lower percentage of copper in comparison with red brass, but has a higher amount of zinc. Visually, yellow alloys are a golden color. However, often an expert analysis and special tools are required to determine which type of red metals are used.

Latest price of Yellow Brass is $2.20-$2.40 per pound

So contact a Greener Recycling scrap yard in your neighborhood to ask for professional assistance and check out the latest yellow brass scrapping rates.

Plumbing, locks, doorknobs, radiators, car parts, and house ornaments are just a few of the numerous areas and industries in which yellow brass is used. Scrap yards require yellow brass to be clean and free of any dirt and other metals in order to be accepted for recycling. Remember that, since yellow brass alloys contain less amounts of copper, the scrapping price will be lower as well.


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