Plumbers Brass


Brass is valuable, useful, and versatile. It’s an alloy made of copper and zinc, which makes it water, corrosion, and wear resistant, so it’s not surprising that it’s often used in plumbing.
Since brass is expensive to make, scrap yards pay good prices for plumbing brass.

Finding Plumbers’ Brass

Used plumbing brass for recycling can be found at demolished or remodeled home and business sites that use water, drainage, or gas. Look for brass faucets, pipes, tubes, spigots, valves, handles – so many plumbing parts are made of brass. Higher prices will be paid for better quality brass that it is clean and not contaminated by dirt, plastic, rubber, or other materials. Be careful that the parts are actually brass and not bronze. They are about the same color and hardness, so have it checked out (our scrap yard experts can to do that) before you sell it because the scrap bronze price is usually higher.

Latest price of Plumbing Brass is $1.00-$1.50 per pound
At Greener Recycling Company, we happily accept and recycle plumbers’ brass at competitive price. Contact us for current prices. We can also pickup your recycling from you.


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