Aluminum Rims


Greener Recycling Company prides itself on offering the best and most current prices on all scrap metal to our clients, including aluminum.

Aluminum has many characteristics that make it ideal for recycling. It’s durable, fuses to other metals easily, and has a high scrap value. That makes it expensive and highly sought after by nearly every scrap yard.
There are many sources to obtain aluminum, but wheel rims are a great one. They are part of cars, trucks, bikes, scooters, and many machines. If you have a lot of aluminum rims from old vehicles and equipment lying around, give us a call for the current scrap pricing and to schedule a pickup time if you need it.

Latest price of Aluminum Rims is $00.40-$00.60 per pound

Prepare Your Scrap To Obtain The Best Aluminum Rims Price

Here are some tips to get you the very best price for your scrap aluminum rims:

  • take the tires off the rims;
  • clean off all plastic or rubber left behind;
  • remove any other type of metal. Aluminum rims often have some lead parts on them that can be recycled separately;

If you don’t prepare the rims for recycling, it might lower your price significantly because many yards won’t accept tires or dirty rims.

Contact Greener Recycling through our website or by phone to get current pricing and pickup information for your aluminum rims.


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