Cast Aluminium


Cast aluminum is another great scrap source for melting and recycling.
Aluminum castings are made when melted liquid aluminum is poured into specially shaped molds to produce a variety of parts and products of many forms, sizes, and designs. Once cooled and turned solid, these parts are useful for lots of purposes.

Cast Aluminum Sources

Not all cast aluminum is alike, so pay attention to the parts your metal comes from as the properties of the metal and the price you will be paid for it depends on what its original purpose was. Many cast aluminum parts are used in machines, engines, vehicles, and boats for business and consumer use. Since aluminum is durable and lightweight, it is a great metal to recycle.

Latest price of Cast Aluminum is $00.20-$00.30 per pound

A good place to find scrap cast aluminum is in the motors of cars and other machinery. Engine blocks casts, compressors, gears, crankshafts, and cylinders that have been replaced or are from dismantled vehicles and machinery are all likely to contain cast aluminum. Another source of cast aluminum is discarded household goods like cookware, patio furniture, lawn chairs, tables, and benches.

Getting the Best Price for Cast Aluminum

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