Aluminum Sheet Scrap


Another way of producing aluminum material for further usage is by putting it through the rolls and getting a flat piece that can vary in thickness and size. This is called sheet aluminum, and it has a variety of uses, such as automobile and aircraft outer plates and in building industry. Its usage variability is due to its lightweight quality and corrosion resistance. Electrical panels can be made from it due to its high conductivity, and solar technologies can be developed from it due to its reflectiveness. Packaging and cooking utensils can be manufactured from it due to its impermeability and because it is odor free.

Sheet aluminum can be recycled and reused continuously without it losing any of its properties.

Latest price of Aluminum Sheet is $00.30-$00.60 per pound

Clean sheet aluminum is accepted at Greener Recycling scrap yards and can bring you some cash. Make sure that your scrap is clean and free from dirt, paint, soldering, other metal attachments, rubber, and plastic.

Sheet aluminum can look similar to steel, so you can either contact a scrap yard specialist to help you to identify the metal you have, or, when sorting out the scrap use a magnet, as aluminum is not magnetic.


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