Aluminum Copper Coil


Aluminum metal can earn you some money and help you clear out your workspace. Scrap, such as aluminum or copper coil, is accepted by many yards for future processing and recycling, and worthwhile payments are offered.

Aluminum and copper condensing coils are usually for air-conditioning and cooling systems manufacturing. It is debatable as to whether copper or aluminum is better and more economical; however, for recycling purposes we should distinguish between two kinds of coils: dirty and clean .

Latest price of Aluminum Copper Coil is $1.20-$1.40 per pound

Before explaining the difference between these two types of scrap, it should be mentioned where exactly aluminum and copper coil can be found. In air-conditioning units or refrigerators, you will see a thin piece of metal with copper tubes running along it. This part is called a fin. These metal pieces have steel brackets along their sides. If you cut them off, you will get clean coil, and it is worth more money. If you decide to leave them as is, your aluminum or copper coil is considered to be “dirty” and is sold at lower scrap prices.

When scrapping the coils, be aware that most yards require them to be free of Freon; otherwise, they will not accept it.


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