Copper Transformers


If you have recently finished some dismantling or construction work, and want to get rid of some scrap transformers, contact your local Greener Recycling scrap yard, and our team will provide all of the required services. We offer good prices on copper transformers and make sure the rates are constantly updated.

Copper transformers are of particular interest for many scrap yards, as they contain copper wire that can be recycled and sold at excellent scrap prices. Keep in mind; however, that the final cost of your metal scrap will be determined by a number of factors, such as current copper prices, the quality and the quantity of the copper inside and the size of your transformers (they differ greatly – from small ones found in power supply boxes and domestic appliances to excessively large ones used for power transmission lines).

Latest price of Copper Transformers is $00.15-$00.30 per pound

You might choose to break down copper transformers yourself, and there are various methods for doing so. But if you decide that it is too time-consuming and not worth it, your local metal scrap yard will buy them as is. You can also contact them about picking up your copper transformers and any other metal scrap you want to sell.


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