Compressors / Sealed Units


Your local Greener Recycling scrap yard can easily arrange pick up of sealed units and compressors for the top price. These items are very heavy due to their steel casting and contain a lot of metal scrap that can bring you good money. However, you might find professional help very useful, as it is not recommended to open a sealed unit, but it is important to drain out any kind of liquid and oil they might have before selling them for scrapping. Scrap yard workers will also help you identify, sort out other types of materials in a compressor that appropriate for recycling to get the best scrap price.

Latest price of Sealed Units / Compressors is $00.05-$00.07 per pound

What do seal units look like? They are usually found in a heavy container that is typically made of steel and encases electric motors. Compressors and sealed units are found in home appliances, such as fridges, washing machines, dishwashers as well as in cars and heavy industry equipment. They have various metal materials, copper in particular, and are suitable for recovery and recycling.


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