Romex Wire


It is practically impossible to find any devices, machinery or appliances that do not use cables. Most of these cables are made of copper, and this makes them ideal for scrapping, as copper products are bought at good rates. Another factor that we all must consider is our work environment, so if your business produces a lot of wire scrap, consider selling it to a scrap yard for copper recovery and reusing.

There are various types of cables. A widely used one is called Romex® wire. Basically, it is a branded house wire found in every home and office since it is used for electric wiring. Sometimes Romex® cable is described as a non-metallic wire because it is insulated. Typically housewire has two insulation layers, so before scrapping it, you have to decide whether you will strip it or not. Yes, stripped copper wire is sold at higher rates, but the un-coating process of Romex Wire can be tiring and laborious. Apart from the time and effort you are going to put into it, stripping might cause some damage to the copper inside. It will therefore be best to just sell your Romex® wire in its jacket.

Romex Wire Pricing in LA

Latest price of Romex Wire is $1.80-$2.00 per pound

If you have dealt with housewire before, you must have noticed that it differs in its insulation colors. In fact, that is done for professional electricians because it indicates the gauge number and wire thickness. For scrapping and future recycling purposes only the weight and copper quality are important.

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