Radiators Recycling


Lately, brass radiators have been replacing aluminum ones. They are now being used in the automobile industry, installed into trucks and heavy machinery. They have a couple of advantages, such as their lighter weight, durability, longer life cycle and cheaper manufacturing.
These types of radiators are used for cooling or heating functions in vehicles and in electronic equipment and appliances.

Since they are primarily made of brass alloys, they have superior recyclability potential, and many scrap yards give good price for radiators recycling. Here are some points to consider before taking your brass scrap for selling:

  • sort your radiators and separate brass ones from iron or aluminum;
  • make sure the radiators are free of any coolants;
  • inspect for general cleanliness.
Latest price of Brass Radiators is $1.60-$1.90 per pound

If you have bulk brass radiators to be sold for reprocessing, call your local Greener Recycling scrap yard and arrange a pick up!


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