Aluminum Insulated Wire


Greener Recycling buys scrap aluminum insulated wire. This type of wire is very common in both home and business electrical systems because it is lightweight, low cost, and has about the same conductive properties as copper wire. When commercial or residential buildings are demolished or rewired or when machines are dismantled, it’s likely quite a bit of aluminum insulated wire will be left behind. Recycling it for scrap not only gets rid of a mess, it can put some cash in your wallet.

Latest price of Aluminum Insulated Wire is $00.10-$00.30 per pound

Contact your local Greener Recycling scrap yard for the latest pricing on aluminum insulated wire and tips on how to prepare your scrap to get the best rates. While we recycle a wide variety of metals and alloys, we do not recycle aluminum cans. Greener Recycling can also arrange pick up of your recycling if needed.


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