Electric Motors With Copper


Greener Recycling scrap yard accepts all kinds of electric motors and prepare them for future reuse. They are a great source for obtaining copper and other metals, such as aluminum or iron.

Electric motors contain a substantial amount of copper wire; however, when sorting out and preparing your metal for scrapping, you might not want to dismantle a motor yourself because it’s quite a tedious and effort-consuming process that might not be worth it. Often, specific machinery is required to take motors apart.

Latest price of Electric Motors is $00.10-$00.15 per pound

The scrapping prices for electric motors are very reasonable and you can make a good profit. Electric motors are now used practically everywhere to recycle into domestic appliances to heavy industry machinery.

If you have a considerable amount of electric motors for scrap, such as generators, air-conditioners, fridges, washing machines, and radiators, Greener Recycling scrap yards will take them all at a good price and relieve your facilities of the scrap metals you no longer need.


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