Bronze Recycling


Copper is the base to many alloys, such as brass. Another type of copper-based metals is bronze, which is comprised of about 80% copper, and the rest of it is tin.

Brass and bronze are very similar in color, so sometimes to distinguish between the two you might need expert help from your local scrap yard. Metal composition can be determined with special, highly accurate instruments, such as metal or alloy analyzers. It is important to know exactly which copper alloy you are selling and what its quality is because it will significantly influence the scrap price you are offered.

Latest price of BRONZE is $2.30-$2.60 per pound

The properties of bronze put it in high demand as it is employed for a variety of purposes. Of course, architecture and sculpture have been the main uses of bronze for hundreds of years. However, in our industrial and high-tech world, this alloy finds its use in manufacturing of bearings, machinery parts and tools.

As any other copper alloys are very costly to produce, bronze is commonly recycled. The scrapping value is constantly changing, as it is determined by international copper prices.
If you are selling some bronze scrap, make sure you have checked its current cost per pound with your local Greener Recycling scrap yard.


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